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Chimes of Earth - SliverChimes of Earth - SliverThe Chimes of Earth, named for the "blue planet", the planet we call home.
Chimes of Mars - SilverChimes of Mars - SilverThe Chimes of Mars is named for the mysterious "red planet", this windchime is the smallest and highest sound tones of the series.
Chimes of Neptune - SilverChimes of Neptune - SilverThe Chimes of Netpune is one of our "planet" chimes, named for the stormy blue planet 1st observed through a telescope in 1846.
Chimes of Pluto - SilverChimes of Pluto - SilverThe Chimes of Pluto is named for the outermost planet in our solar system.
Chimes of Polaris - SilverChimes of Polaris - SilverTuned to a pentatonic or 5 -note scale, your wind chimes will always sound great no natter which way the wind blows.