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Hand Made Glass Wind Chimes

  Glass Wind Chimes & Fused Glass Wind Chimes


Check our our quality glass one-of-a-kind wind chimes you won't see anywhere else.

Glass wind chimes make a lovely, delicate bell-like sound. Choose designs with natural wood, slumped glass or fused glass top designs, each offering its own special look and design.  We offer the best prices and designs on fused glass wind chimes! Browse through our site and pick out your favorite handmade glass wind chime designs. Each hand-made glass windchime is a one-of-a kind piece of art! The sky is the limit on the color palette used for creating these unique, and individual glass wind chimes.


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Gift WrapGift WrapGift Wrapping Service can be provided
Northern Lights Glass Wind ChimesNorthern Lights Glass Wind ChimesLike the colors found in the Northern Lights sky, so are the colors featured in the Northern Lights glass wind chimes.
Southern Nights Glass Wind ChimesSouthern Nights Glass Wind ChimesHand made glass wind chimes features the subtle earth tones of southern nights.
Tinkler Glass Wind ChimeTinkler Glass Wind ChimeThis lovely hand-crafted glass windchimes makes a colorful and striking statement suitable to display proudly in any prominent location.
Hand-made glass wind chimes are unique with subtle variations that do occur, as is the case with any handmade item.Hand crafted glass wind chimes and fused glass wind chimes make for a fantastic gift or just create that special place where you can appreciate the rainbow of colors that glisten in the sun while listening to the delicate "tinkling" sounds.