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Dolphins Jumping Clay Wind Chime

Dolphins Jumping Clay Wind Chime
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These Dolphin Clay Wind Chimes were created with love to communicate their compassion and fun loving ways. Dolphins symbolize freedom, joy and serenity.

These beautiful creatures inhabit tropical waters throughout the world. Dolphins are excellent mimics of sound and clearly communicate with one another. Their lifespan is on the average 20 years.

Artisans hand tied each chime into a balanced position so that you can 'hear the ding' even in the gentlest breeze. These images from the sea are formed from fine white porcelain clay and fired at a very high temperature so you can enjoy peaceful crisp notes of melodious sound.

Dolphins Jumping Clay Wind Chime measure 10” overall length. Featuring 5 dolphins all swirling around in a spiral, they are kiln fired white porcelain clay finished with a shiny blue glaze.
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