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Sea Turtle Clay Wind Chime

Sea Turtle Clay Wind Chime
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Sea Turtles are considered an endangered species. Sea Turtles are known to live for many years at sea, only coming ashore briefly to lay eggs. Green Sea Turtles are considered solitary, but occasionally form feeding aggregations in shallow water abundant in sea grass or algae.

Your Sea Turtle Clay Wind Chime is make from high fired clay for a durable tribute to this majestic and mysterious animal. We hope the images of these majestic creatures bring you enjoyment with peaceful crisp notes of melodious sound.

This charming Sea Turtle Clay Wind Chime,  features 5 strands.

Artisans hand tied each turtle into a balanced position so that you can 'hear the ding' even in the gentlest breeze.

Measures: 19" overall length
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