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World Music
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Celtic Cross Wind ChimeCeltic Cross Wind ChimeTuned to an ancient celtic scale. Features 5 silver tubes, with wood bead and genuine stone accents. Wind-catcher is nickle plated faux cloisonne' cross.
Celtic Wind ChimeCeltic Wind ChimeThis wind chime has a genuine agate wind-catcher and a bright Celtic tuning.
Chicago Blues Wind ChimeChicago Blues Wind ChimeThis spunky chime is tuned to the notes of the walking bass line so familiar in Chicago's boogie-woogie blues.
Chimes of BajaChimes of BajaTuned to the rich, deep tones of a Mexican bass guitar.
Chimes of Bali Wind ChimeChimes of Bali Wind ChimeClassic Chimes of Bali Wind Chimes, a perennial favorite, tuned to the traditional scale of the Balinese shadow puppet play.
Chimes of Bavaria Wind ChimeChimes of Bavaria Wind ChimeTuned to the joyful melody from Brahms' Symphony No. 1. Features green wash ash wood and 7 matte green tubes. Wind catcher includes a wood-burned wheat image.
Chimes of JavaChimes of JavaTuned to the musical scale of the gamelan degung, this chime resounds with exotic beauty. One of our deepest and richest-sounding chimes.
Chimes of Jerusalem Wind ChimeChimes of Jerusalem Wind ChimeThis chime's tuning is inspired by the mysterious and uplifting tones of eastern Hebrew chants. Cherry wood top with 8 bronze tubes.
Chimes of Kyoto Wind ChimeChimes of Kyoto Wind ChimeTuned to a bright sounding ancient Japanese scalas found on early zither instruments, this chime creates a serene environment.
Chimes Of LunChimes Of LunThe distinctly Chinese tuning celebrates one of the world's oldest musical traditions. This chime has one of the largest sound ranges.
Chimes of OlymposChimes of OlymposThe Chimes of Olympus is tuned to an ancient Greek pentatonic scale. The original Woodstock Chime - the very first Woodstock Chimes!
Chimes of PatagoniaChimes of PatagoniaTuned to the final notes of La Cumparsita, Tango's most famous melody.
Chimes of Provence Wind ChimeChimes of Provence Wind ChimeInspired by the landscapes of Provence. Blue wash ash wood with 8 platinum gray tubes. Wind catcher features a wood-burned sunflower image
Chimes of Tuscany Wind ChimeChimes of Tuscany Wind ChimeTuned to the notes of a Verdi aria from La Forza del Destino. Burgundy wash ash wood with 9 matte burgundy tubes. Wind catcher features wood-burned grapes image.
Chimes of Westminster Wind ChimeChimes of Westminster Wind ChimeSounds remarkably like distant church bells, this wind chime is tuned to the familiar notes of London's Big Ben. Features cherry wood with 5 silver tubes.